Inauguration of Maths Club

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY:                                       22.12.2013

  • Inspiring speech by Master Yusuf Ali, class X on Srinivasa Ramanujan

  • Captivating group song on Maths,  by students of class VI, composed by Mrs.Sumana P (Maths teacher)

  • Aims and objectives of the Maths club – detailed by Mr.Narayanan Krishnamurthy HOD maths.

  • Demonstration of Vedic Maths techniques by Mr.Narayanan Kutty (Maths teacher)

  • Brain storming Sudoku competition (finals) in which students and teachers participated

  • ‘Believe it or not’ performance displayed by students in Rubik’s cube competition (finals). The winner             Master Zaki Abdul Kasim, class X finished in 33 seconds!

  • Prizes were  distributed  to all the winners by the Principal and Vice Principal.

  • The programme was skillfully anchored by                Miss. Archana B,  class X